Soccer Betting: Guide to Soccer Bets and Odds

by Paul Petersen | August 1, 2022 11:46 am

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing countless people in Southeast Asia to stay indoors, many are determined to find new ways to entertain themselves. While many individuals decided to start watching series or movies on various streaming platforms, some chose to learn about the rising industry of soccer betting. This allowed them to have fun while playing and an opportunity to earn a few extra dollars on the side.

And with the global health crisis accelerating the digitalization in many sectors, online gaming platforms have become the primary way for people to bet on soccer. Visiting a Malaysia or Singapore online sports betting[1] outlet can help rookie bettors learn about the betting and see various markets for them to play. In addition, they will have access to SG pools soccer odds[2] that can give them information on who they are the favorites for specific betting options.

But since losing has always been the trend in any form of gambling, it is essential for beginners in soccer betting to fully grasp the technicalities of the industry. Learning about the various aspects that affect a wager will not only maximize their options when betting but will also significantly increase their chances of making a profit.

Knowing about the various types of soccer bets will enable rookie bettors to know which market will help them satisfy their needs. This can make the experience more fun and allow them to be more disciplined while betting. And one of the most popular betting options on various gaming platforms is half-time/full-time result betting.

In this market, the punters must put their bets on whom they think will be able to have the lead by half-time and when the matches finish. There are up to nine possible outcomes for this game, and the uncertainty of football games makes it a little hard to predict. To win their wagers, the bettor must get both the half-time and full-time results.

Another famous option is the “draw no bet” market, also known as a two-way money line bet. Unlike the typical money line bet where people have three options, “draw no bet” will eliminate the “draw” option, leaving two choices for the bettors to pick from, whether Team A or Team B to win. This gives punters more security as they can refund their money if the game ends with a draw.

To learn more about soccer bets and odds, check this infographic[3] provided by 88ProAsia[4].


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