What is the difference between free spins and re-spins?

What is the difference between free spins and re-spins?

While free spins are extra rounds in which the reels spin completely, re-spins are a special feature in which the reels spin partially. In some slot machines, re-spins can be activated by the player and they can be used only on one or more specific reels, allowing controlling the result of each move. Imagine that reels 1, 2 and 4 in a 3 x 5 slot are completely covered by a certain symbol. If the slot allows you to activate a re-spin at an additional cost, you can use it on roll 3 to obtain a potentially attractive combination. Another way to find re-spins in slot Asia is through falling symbols. Finally, re-spins can be triggered by finding certain symbols that remain “frozen” on the reels.

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One of our players’ favorite special features is win multipliers. These special symbols increase the value of the prize in a winning move, multiplying it by a value that will be indicated on the symbol in question. The most frequent multipliers double, triple or quadruple the prize. However, some games have much higher multipliers, which can even be progressive (that is, they can get higher and higher with each new winning move or enabled pay line).


In the world of agen slot pragmatic casino, a jackpot is a special prize that normally corresponds to the highest jackpot on a slot machine. As a rule, a jackpot cannot be obtained in the same way as a regular prize – you will need to find special jackpot symbols, play a bonus round or unlock certain special conditions to win it.

Difference between fixed jackpots and progressive jackpots

Fixed jackpots are prizes with a predetermined amount, which is usually proportional to the amount of the bet per move. Progressive jackpots are jackpots with a variable value, which increases with each play that did not give rise to a jackpot. This means that whenever a player doesn’t win, the jackpot gets more interesting. As a rule, progressive jackpots are played by all players in each online casino (and can even be shared between different games), returning to their minimum value as soon as they are won. Fixed jackpots are unique to each player.

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Symbol Modifiers

In addition to all the features mentioned above, there are also special symbols that can change the outcome of a move.

Sticky Symbols: Also known as “frozen” symbols, sticky symbols are symbols that remain on your reels with a new move or re-spin.

Giant Symbols: As the name implies, giant symbols are larger symbols, which normally occupy more than one position in the roll area. They can cover an entire roll, or even several rolls, considerably increasing the chances of awarding a prize.

Stackable and Expandable Symbols: Stackable symbols are symbols that appear stacked on each other, potentially increasing your chances of winning a prize. Some symbols can also be expandable (that is, they can expand to the adjacent positions) (usually vertically, but it is also possible to find symbols that expand to other rollers). Of course, stackable or expandable symbols are even more advantageous when applied to wilds or higher value symbols.