Can your poker positions really determine your fate in games?

Can your poker positions really determine your fate in games?

Understanding various poker positions will help you improve your gaming strategy. Poker positions can indeed determine your chances of winning the game. Sometimes the position is even more important than the card you have. The knowledge of poker positions will help you play poker on Getmega, which is the best online gaming platform that allows you to win cash when you win.

This article will explain various poker positions and how they affect your fate in winning the game. 

Poker table position 

The poker table is divided into four parts:

Early position 

Most players term this as the worst place to sit at a poker table. The early position has two positions often referred to as the under-the-gun. The first early position is after the big blind then followed by the second early position. Players under the gun do not have a chance of entering the pot. The players are also entitled to play first in each post-flop, denying them a chance to make a profit with marginal hands.

Middle position

This position is better than the early position. These positions have a more comprehensive range of hands to be dealt with. The players should also play tight because there are still four players left to preflop. This position has two following positions.

Middle position 1: it comes after the third under-the-gun position. Often referred to as the LoJack depending on the type of the table.

Hijack: this is the player next to the LoJack.

Late position

This is the most suitable position in a poker game. The first position is the cutoff, and the last is the button. They are the most profitable because they allow the players to create a weak hand to win the blinds without the struggle of post-flop. When playing poker in the Getmega app, this is the best position to take for higher chances of winning the game.

The blind

The blind are also called forced bets. It has two positions in which the players must bet at the beginning of every hand. 

The first position is the small blind. The player in this position must bet with a third or two-thirds of the big blind.

The big blind is the second position. This player places one big blind before the game begins.

Most people may term this position as disadvantageous, but it makes the poker game active and live. Its principal function is to initiate action in the game. Without the blind, the poker game could be boring because no one would be willing to take action. That is why it is called the forced bet.

Tips for using poker position strategy to win the game.

  • You only make a profit from weak players in poker. With the knowledge of position, sit on the left position of the weak player. This will help you gain a positional advantage in both post-flop and preflop.
  • If you are the last player to act on hand, you can order a single round bet to examine the turns. You can also determine if you have the best hand by betting with a weak hand. If two or more players bet with the same hand, then your hand is not the best.
  • It’s critical to understand how the poker position affects the result while holding a draw. A draw can be unprofitable if you are not in the proper position because you can be forced to post-fold without checking other cards.


It is clear poker position has a greater influence on the fate of the poker game. Note that the position you are sitting in the poker table greatly influences the preflop strategy, while the post-flop is maximizing the profit by using your positional advantage. Choosing the best poker position in the Getmega poker table will help you win the game easily.

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