The Online Gaming Space is a Social Environment

The Online Gaming Space is a Social Environment

Over the years people have been heavily critical of the online gaming space and those who participate in the kind of games you would play over the Internet against people you may never meet or even disclose your real name to.

People get the perception that online gamers are your typical Big Bang Theory characters who struggle to deal with the ‘real world’ and would be much better off living in cyberspace and playing computer games rather than interacting with the general public or working in a ‘proper job.’

However, research into the kind of games that you would find by searching the web and on the gaming and casino review sites like Online Casino Info has shown that online gaming is in fact a social environment where the more introverted you are, the more likely you are to make friends. provides gamblers with reviews of trusted online casinos where you can play social casino games with your friends.

Players have the ability to interact with other casino players, just like them, who share their passions and interests and to those who are certainly more in-favor of keeping themselves to themselves in the ‘real world’, this can be a great way of building up friendships and people skills which they can then take away with them when they’ve finished gaming and head out.

In comparison, those who play online games but are more extroverted and comfortable interacting with others struggle to make friends in the online space because they often come across as too confident and brash.

Psychologists at the University of Munster who performed the study said that “although shyness can lead to a smaller circle of friends in real life; the gamers who were timid in real life interactions used online games to compensate for this, finding it easier to build up friendships.”

While this does provide some interesting conclusions, the study should also note that it would all be entirely dependent on the kind of games people are playing. By their own admission the psychologists involved in the study only surveyed “a small sample” of German gamers, but some games are far more social than others, requiring regular informal interactions with other players when compared to role-playing games which may require shouting down headsets for instance which can be off-putting, and even offensive or hurtful to some players depending on each player’s passion.

Betting at casinos on the Internet is a player-friendly way to gamble with your friends. Online casino games are one of the newer types of Social gaming sites. People enjoy playing at Internet casinos and online gaming with real money while chatting with their friends at a social casino website.

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